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About Actual Angel IRL

Hello there! My name is MarySue, I am a freelance Artist and aspiring small business owner! I’ve always wanted to be able to have my own shop to sell original and inclusive designs and creations!

I have been doing art for well over a decade now, and just 7 years ago transitioned to doing Digital art!

I have been mostly self taught with some help from some wonderful teachers in my teen years, as well as some fellow artists in my family. My goal is to become a fully professional artist and business from my own home, and later on branching out farther in the future!


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Graphic Design | Pixel Art | Photography | Character Design | Digital Drawing & Painting

I usually go with my own style that I've developed which is a mixture between anime style and semi-realistic looking depending on the piece. I like to focus on original character art, full illustrations, and character design.

Although I do very much love concept art and scenery, and
my skills there are still growing with inspiration i get from social media. Some of my biggest inspirations are
Fukari, Zukich, William BurkePlastiboo, and Babezord!

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