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Commissions | Payment | Service Agreement

**All payments are to be in USD! **

Any questions, concerns, or need help?
Get in touch with me best by Discord, Email, or my other socials on my Contact page!


•  Discord: actualangelirl 
•  Email:

Click the button below to request a commission!


Type of Artwork

  • Line Art -  $20 

  • Flat Colored -  $25 

  • Cell Shading -  $30 

  • Rendered Shading -  $45 

  • Emote (All emotes are cell shaded) -  $15 each 

  • Animated Emote -  $30 each 

  • Cell Shaded Reference Sheet -  $70 

  • Rendered Reference Sheet -  $95 


  • Small Animation
    (blink, wink, sparkle, stars, etc.) -  $15 

  • Medium Animation
    (smile, frown, blush, etc.) $20 

  • Reference sheets
    (per extra body/angle/item) -  $10 

  • Extra
    (Person/Character/Outfit/Variation) -  $25 

  • Custom design 
    (for designs with no references) $20 

  • Commercial/Merchandising use 
     $100  flat down payment added on top of order
    (scroll down for more info)

Placement Style

  • Head shot/Bust -  $10 

  • Half body/Thigh -  $20 

  • Full body -  $30 


  • Solid color/plain FREE 

  • Pattern/small design -  $5 

  • Drawn (on complexity) -  $10 to $50 

What I Will Draw

♥ People 

♥ Furries/Anthros

♥ Anime/Chibi


♥ Gore (not extreme)

♥ OC's/Reference sheets

♥ Fan art

♥ Emotes
♥ Chubby/Big Characters



What I Won't Draw

  • Taboo Fetishes/Kinks (Ask for details.)

  • Mecha/Robots (Can be negotiated.)

  • MLP 

  • Sonic Characters/Sonic Sonas 

  • Scalies* (Please ask more about this to see if I'm actually okay with your design or not, I'm just not really experienced enough with drawing them but I can try!)

  • Photo-Realistic animals/people (My photo-realism is not up to par digitally.)

  • Vehicles (Can be negotiated.)

  • Taboo Ships/Couples (Ask for details, this does include problematic Pro-ships.)

  • Buff humans/anthros (Only extremely detailed and obvious muscles, ask for details if unsure!)

  •  No lewded or NSFW child OC's/lolis/shotas or Sexualized gore/guro. (This is not okay to do, you are a gross person.) 

When you are ready to make your commisson, please make sure to either use the COMMISSON  FORM button above or contact me though any of my listed socials! 

Commission Requirements

♥ Style

♥ Placement 

♥ Extras (if wanted)

♥ Background

♥ All specific colors/poses/details/information

♥ Reference photos of: character, pose, colors, aesthetic (if needed), every specific detail you could possibly give! The more the better!

Please take a Left and Right side profile, as well as a front and back portrait and full body image front and back if needed depending on the artwork If taking photos of an avatar from a game.



Commission completion wait times can range from 2-3 weeks or longer depending on complexity!

Important Information

  1. PAY PAL & CashApp ONLY. 

  2. I ONLY accept USD. If you are from a different country please use Paypal to be able to directly change the currency to make it into USD!

  3. I will refund any payment sent in another currency or incomplete. Payment should be sent again correctly after this; if not I will not complete your commission and scrap your order.

  4. I need at least half of the full payment UPFRONT after I show you the Sketch/Line Art. PLEASE NOTIFY ME OF ANY CHANGES YOU WANT/LIKE TO ADD IN THIS CURRENT PART OF THE COMMISSION. 

  5. I will only wait ONE WEEK for payment after the Refined Sketch/Line Art is shown.

  6. If you need one week or more for you to be able to pay, please inform me! "Payment plans" are okay with me!

  7. If I get no reply or payment after the one week period it will be SCRAPPED and you will be BANNED from ordering from me again.

  8. No canceling orders if I have already started working on it, and you have paid part. If you do try to cancel the order then I will finish what I can with however much you paid, ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS AFTER AGREEMENTS ON COMMISSION.

  9. If an emergency comes up, inform me, and I might put your order on hold until further notice. If you do not come back to me within a 2 week period, then I WILL SCRAP your artwork and you will be BANNED from ordering from me.

  10. Don't order if you don't have the money! Don't waste both of our times! My commissions are ALWAYS open, so if you cannot afford what you would like at the time, please just email/message me another time when you have the money.

  11. No refunds. Not even partial refunds for tips/bribes/changes/extras/etc.

  12. If you are desiring an update on an artwork,  have made for you in the past, I will update this artwork for half the price you originally paid! Only small changes in details can be made, if you are desiring something new added to it such as a drawn background, or an animation then you will have to pay for all extra things wanted.

Art Terms of Service Agreement

1. You can not: resell, steal, trace, claim as your own,  have someone else alter/update my artwork even in the slightest, or take parts of my art and claim as your own. 

2. You can: modify art in s
light ways like: cropping, resizing, adding filters, or borders.
(ask me for more info if needed, must LEAVE MY WATERMARK VISIBLE.)

3. Credit me When you use my art! please credit me any possible way you can, it makes me feel very happy and brings more buisness to me! If you do not do this this is fine, but absolutely do not claim it as your own or there there will be legal action taken.
 reserve the right to use all commissioned artworks for personal/portfolio use.

4. You can use your commissioned art as you wish, Commercial use of any of my art without prior arrangement and compensation is FORBIDDEN. Legal action will be taken if there are no prior arrangements. Commercial rights allow the use of commissioned art as merch, game art, prints, etc. can be applied to all listings above. Royalties are also an option and can be discussed, but not necessary depending on the concept/piece. If you wish to use the commission for commercial use, such as merchandise, full rights must be purchased for 3 times the cost of the original commission pricing.

Intellectual property and credits will still be held by the artist.

5. You can display your commissioned art on any other site, print if for yourself, etc. As long as there is: no money involved and credit me somehow. do not resell or use my artwork unless it is discussed prior.

6. I will show you SEVERAL WIPs (work in progress photos).
Please ask me to make any changes to it if needed, PLEASE BE DETAILED! You have unlimited revisions thoughout each step of the process of what style you have chosen.

7. After final artwork is completely finished, I can make very small changes for an extra fee of $10.00 per each rivision is desired.
Doing more than just a color change and redoing things such as shading is very, VERY difficult and hard to fix up! so please be very specific when ordering to avoid this and look closely at your WIP's when I show them to you. 

8. If I made a mistake, I will do the change for free. example: I forgot to make glasses, piercings, tattoos, or any other accessory you specified. Do not be afraid to ask me! ex: character is brunette but I made her blonde, I didn't do an animation you asked for, etc. 

9. After art is finished, I WON'T do any changes  if its about pose, colors, or something you didn't specify correctly. Please give me as many reference pictures as you possibly can before so I can get it as right as possible for you! (ex. its not the exact blue you wanted while you only asked for 'blue') or anything else not specified (ex. You changed your mind, and you want to add an accessory.)
10. N
othing made by Actual Angel IRL/Actual Devil IRL/ MarySue's Art Shop may be used in any blockchain-related technology, including but not limited to NFTs, cryptocurrency, or any future inventions in the space. Client is prohibited to sell or redistribute the work, or anything implied as representing the work in any way, via these technologies.


I don't read minds, please specify in great detail anything you absolutely need!



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