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Actual Angel IRL Commissions Information

DevilLine anzai - Complete.png


Line Art

♥ Line art is a simple artwork choice. Best for simple logos, tattoo designs, and so on.

♥ Line art can be animated 

 Price: $20.00 usd

Flat Color

♥ Flat color is line art with basic coloring. Best for on a budget for a colored OC drawing, simple character references, and more.

♥ Flat colored drawings can be animated and have backgrounds.

Price: $25.00 usd

Swatch from Deltarune

Flat Color

Hijinks' OC Ref_edited.jpg


Cell Shading

♥ Cell Shading is a more complex way to have a commission. This is most requested as it is a more simple form of a detailed drawing.

♥ This is best for characters, reference sheets, animations, and so much more! Can have almost anything added onto any Cell Shaded drawing.

Price: $30.00 usd

Rendered Shading

♥ Rendered Shading is the most complex commission type. This is the most worked on and detailed looking. This cam be used to make commissions look more realistic.

♥  This is best for any type of commission type cause you will have a fully rendered image to be animated, full background, and etc!

Price: $45.00 usd


RENDEREd Shading

Commission Info

This is the basic information for a commission from me.
Please read the info cards carefully to ensure that you understand what my shop has to service you. By commissioning, you agree to all of the terms of service specified by Me the art retailer.

Click the button below to read service agreement and detailed info.

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